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Further Posting Suspended Until After the Election . . . Obama for America – He’ll Improve the Quality of Dating & Your Sex Life September 15, 2008

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My friends. My apologies.

Further posting will be suspended until after the November election. I am an avid Obama supporter, and the closeness of this race has caused me to view my free time as better applied to getting America back on track.

Posting will resume November 10th if Obama wins. If McCain wins . . . there’s a big chance you will never hear from me again . . . because I will have moved to Tibet to live in a mountain monastery until I die.

As my final post before my election break, I would like to point out that an Obama presidency will be better for your dating and sex lives.

McCain is not going to survive the full 8 years if he is elected. That means its very likely Palin becomes President. That means abstinence only sex education. That means an attack on the ready availability of birth control and contraception generally. That means less effective programs for AIDS prevention and early pregnancy prevention.

That makes dating and sex much more stressful for you, not to mention your eventual children.

There’s a lot of other reasons to support Obama, but these are worth pondering if you’re on the fence.

Yes We Can.


Seinfeld’s Dating World September 10, 2008

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Love as Economics and Economics as Love September 8, 2008

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An interesting take on love, although this guy may just need to just get out more.

Lessons in Love, by Way of Economics

AS my fine professor of economics at Columbia, C. Lowell Harriss (who just celebrated his 96th birthday) used to tell us, economics is the study of the allocation of scarce goods and services. What could be scarcer or more precious than love? It is rare, hard to come by and often fragile.
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Philip Anderson

My primary life study has been about love. Second comes economics, so here, in the form of a few rules, is a little amalgam of the two fields: the economics of love. (I last wrote about this subject 20 years or so ago, and it’s time to update it.) (link)

Do Not Look at Their Email . . . Logout . . . Seriously Stop! September 6, 2008

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We have all been tempted before. The person we’re dating is in the shower. We got to check our email and their email pops up because they forgot to log out. It takes just a few seconds to skim down the subject headings of emails. Scoping emails for the names of any exs or overlyfriendly “friends.”

You can almost convince yourself you looked down by accident.


Nothing good can come of reading their email. YOU have stuff in your email that, especially when read out of context, might shine a negative light on you.

More importantly, let’s say you find out they’re doing some shady business. What can you say besides admitting what you did, which would certainly break the trust forever. You’re forced to know about some shady stuff without the ability to say anything about it. Or you say you violated their right to privacy and break whatever trust you had.

Sure, you may be saying you could bring it up in a way which disguises the source of the information. Maybe, maybe you could scheme and plot and manufacture a way to do so. Yet, most smart people are at least going to suspect you looked at their email. Also, who wants to live like that.

The last girl that became a girlfriend passed a very important test. I half-intentionally left my email open to see if she would log me out without looking at my info.

She passed.

Are You Chasing Amy? September 6, 2008

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This is a perpetual problem for guys in relationships. Watch and ask yourself if it applies to you.

And consider getting over it.

So Sick September 4, 2008

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This is just the perfect music video to make you more depressed after a breakup. In case you wanted to know which music video that was.

Watch with care!

– The Love Doctor

It’s Not You It’s Me… September 4, 2008

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Shakira’s Dating Advice September 4, 2008

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If she’s right men and women are in for a never ending death battle of the sexes until the polar icecaps melt or women perfect artificial insemination.

The Columbian songstress believes women will never be satisfied because they are much more complicated than men.

. . . .

“Women are all the same. We’re trouble. Women are full of buttons, little buttons, millions of buttons. And men just have the on and off switch. Men need only food and you-know-what. We need so much more. We’re like, what do you call them? Barrels without bottoms.

“There’s no way to satisfy women. Ever.”

An interesting perspective many men are likely to embrace, and many women reject . . . but is she right?

Can she be wrong if she’s Shakira, a woman whose bellydancing could place me into a trance from which I might never awake?

I don’t know…. I just don’t know.

“You Can Always Lose Money Chasing Women, But You Will Never Lose Women By Chasing Money” September 3, 2008

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That’s the takeaway quote from Chris Rock’s “I Think I Love My Wife.”

Sounds sexist, but has a ring of truth to it.

Of course, the important question is: what kind of women?

– The Love Doctor

Advice on Getting Married From a Divorce Attorney September 3, 2008

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At one point I was at this kind of random conference/dinner thing. I didn’t know anybody. I sat down at a table with my helping of food and then stared off into space trying to look like I was so cool that I could sit at a table by myself.

I think I pulled it off…eventually this older guy sat down at the table with me. I asked him what he did and he told me he was a divorce attorney. Always probing into the the dynamics of relationships and love – after a warm up conversation – I asked him (given he had seen the end of so many) what the secret to a successful marriage was.

His advice was simple but powerful.

You should only marry somebody who could otherwise be your best friend . . . cause eventually the sex won’t happen . . . or won’t matter enough.

I took his card.

Something to chew on.

– The Love Doctor