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Reader Comment: Why Do Some Men Date Broke Ass Women? June 26, 2007

Posted by The Love Doctor in Dating, More Money More Problems, Reader Comments, Relationships, The Love Equation.

In response to my old post Why Do Some Women Date Broke Ass Dudes?, a commenter just left this interesting reaction from a guys perspective.

Interesting points…..

Hold up what about men that hate broke women?
Let’s look at this all the way around. We men hate broke women just as much if not more than you hate broke men. Plus many women think that it’s a man’s job to “save” a woman from her financial distress when she is 99% of the time responsible for her own problems (bad credit etc.). Men, no hold up I stand corrected, “Good men” have bills on our own for example a car note for a car that you want to ride in, drive, or have the door opened up for you to sit, we have a mortgage, that’s right mortgage not rent, we have to keep ourselve’s groomed , hair cut manicures, bearded and trimmed, you don’t hear us telling our home boys “my woman got my hair cut”. See I don’t know why women want the men in their lives to do things for them that they should do for themselves. That’s right ladies, get your own weave done, get your own nails done, get your own eyebrows waxed, and get your own feet done. Is that not what you expect us to do for ourselves?

Oh another thing, just because you are minus a “magic stick” doesn’t make you handicapped and you need a man to take care of you. Get your own stuff together and put together with a man that already has his stuff together and stop looking for handouts just because you’re a woman. “Because you’re a woman and he’s your man”,That’s no excuse. Ladies need to understand one thing for sure one of the ways a woman can come in and steal your man is when she’s independant and can do for herself, that’s less work for him, that’s less noise he has to hear about his lady needing money or how broke she is. Over all ladies, if you can’t fiinacially afford a man, then don’t get one. Men want to be taken cared of too just as much as you do.