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Welcome to our new blog Metrocards & Condoms. This blog was launched to provide cutting edge analysis of dating and relationships in NYC.

We pose the tough questions and ponder the most difficult moral dilemmas you can pose to us.

Why should you listen to us? I mean how do we know anything more than you about the NYC dating scene, let alone the almost never completely understood world of relationships.

Well we think we do. We are a collection of wisened “nyc “daters” and “relationshipers” who have collectively been through it all.

Is monogamy possible? Is satisfactory monogamy possible? Can you ever really get over somebody cheating? How do you manage the NYC dating scene? What are some recipes for dating and relationship success? How and when do you really return that phone call? Is it even worth responding to the inevitable apologetic message from your ex?

Metrocards & Condoms is here to discuss and figure out the answers to these tough questions.

Join us as we tackle the last frontier…… dating, relationships, and love in nyc.

To contact The Love Doctor, the primary contributor to Metrocards & Condoms, email metrocardsandcondoms@gmail.com



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