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Do Not Look at Their Email . . . Logout . . . Seriously Stop! September 6, 2008

Posted by The Love Doctor in Uncategorized.

We have all been tempted before. The person we’re dating is in the shower. We got to check our email and their email pops up because they forgot to log out. It takes just a few seconds to skim down the subject headings of emails. Scoping emails for the names of any exs or overlyfriendly “friends.”

You can almost convince yourself you looked down by accident.


Nothing good can come of reading their email. YOU have stuff in your email that, especially when read out of context, might shine a negative light on you.

More importantly, let’s say you find out they’re doing some shady business. What can you say besides admitting what you did, which would certainly break the trust forever. You’re forced to know about some shady stuff without the ability to say anything about it. Or you say you violated their right to privacy and break whatever trust you had.

Sure, you may be saying you could bring it up in a way which disguises the source of the information. Maybe, maybe you could scheme and plot and manufacture a way to do so. Yet, most smart people are at least going to suspect you looked at their email. Also, who wants to live like that.

The last girl that became a girlfriend passed a very important test. I half-intentionally left my email open to see if she would log me out without looking at my info.

She passed.



1. Tonya R - September 12, 2008

Oh Man… My mom has this saying. Do not look for anything your not ready to find.

I wont read my boyfriends e-mail because nothing good cames out of it. With my ex. we ended up staying together but the e-mails still haunted me. So I learned my lesson. Scared straight by experience. I also apply this to asking questions that I know will upset me. If he tells the truth, I’ll get pissed, and if he doesn’t give me the bad answer and I feel like he’s lying I get pissed..so it’s all lose-lose.


2. cb - September 18, 2008

what a surprise to find the love doctor back at it while on a lonely stroll through the blogosphere unable to sleep at 5am…

As for the topic of this post, well… hmm, if i may… i can only say that as a victim of this, i didn’t think it was THAT bad… but that’s the crux of it, ain’t it? for the person being snooped it’s pretty much a straightforward issue, but for the one doing the snooping it’s more complicated (think – movie: seven, actor: brad pitt, scene: “what’s in the box?”). as for me, i know that when placed in a similar position, I would not. read. her. email. logout… i know NOT to open that box, i don’t want to know what’s in the box.

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